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How to protect Blog from copy ? – Here are some ways


Tips for bloggers to Protect their blog or website content – Here are 5 ways on ‘how to protect blog from copy ?’

Plagiarism has become very common and almost 90 percent of the content we find in Internet are copied content or same content spun or written in different ways.

Step one

Post a warning banner stating that if someone copies without your permission you will sue them.

This may work with few.

Step two

Disable text selection. This works better but still pictures can be copied.

Step three

Disable right click. This may work depending upon the browsers and it protects your whole content. On how to disable right click in site copy and paste the ‘no right click code from this link

However, people may find it difficult to open links in new tab or window.

And for all the above three means, the best way to protect your site or blogs from being copied is by using this plugin – ProtectCopyBlogs which can be downloaded from

Step four

Decide on the content which can be copied and which you do not want people to copy and also provide an option to share the links instantly using “add this” button

Step five

Once in a while check important contents that bring more traffic to your site with “copyscape” site and if you find someone had copied your content send them a mail asking them to either remove the content or share a link to original content posted in your site leaving few lines.

And the final option is claiming for ownership with DMCA or other copyright issues dealing organisation which could be a tedious process.



Recently, when I searched my website using the keywords for it I saw my website completely appearing under a different domain name and even Google cached had my websites content under that domain name.

It was an altogether hacking and after checking out the code of the domain under which my website appeared using firefox bug, I found out it was neither hacking nor phishing and the guy was an iframe thief and managed to use an iframe code  and made my entire website appear under his domain name.

And these two codes below helped me to block anyone using or stealing my website using an iframe code and also redirected the page to my site under its original domain name even before the page loaded completely.


Prevent iframe loading of your web page and redirect to iframe target.